Love you hate you drive you wild

July 20-23 2017, Metro Arts

Written by Bianca Butler Reynolds

Featuring Bianca Butler Reynolds, Siobhan Finniss, Brendan James, Daren King and Alex Lanham

Directed by Kat Dekker 

Published by Playlab Theatre (purchase here)

“A polished performance with quirky humour and a clever plot” Weekend Notes

“Moving and entertaining work.” Stage Whispers

Following a humiliation in her hometown, Molly moves from Canada to Australia to try and kickstart her life. Things don’t go smoothly though; between her new manic companion, Annika and her insufferable boss, Clive. Molly fears she may have made the worst decision of her life. Not to mention the talking moose who lives in Molly’s imagination and delights in tormenting her. Seemingly, her only ally is Gavin, the David Bowie tribute artist who lives next door. But even the best friendships come with complications, and Molly is about to learn that there are some fears you can’t run away from – even on the other side of the world.

Love you hate you drive you wild is a comedy about depression, displacement and grabbing life by the antlers.

This was an independent production created by Bianca Butler Reynolds and Kat Dekker, prior to officially founding Minola Theatre.

Photography by Anita Ware