Love Triangle: An evening of one act plays

January 25, 2020

Ron Hurley Theatre, Seven Hills Hub

Half an hour by J M Barrie, Astrid from Eight by Ella Hickson, and Synaesthesia by Bianca Butler Reynolds

Featuring Bianca Butler Reynolds, Luke Diamond, Siobhan Finniss, Ryan Goodwin, Brendan James, Steven James, Rachel Layt, and Hannah Little

Presented by Corporation Theatre and Minola Theatre

“Love Triangle drew together three vastly different works about love, desire, and relationships with impressive cohesion and emotionally engaging performances from its cast.” Backstreet Brisbane

LOVE TRIANGLE: An evening of one-act plays explores themes of love and fidelity, and how these have changed – or haven’t – over the past century. Helmed by the directors of Corporation Theatre and Minola Theatre, this one night show featured a strong ensemble of local talent.

Half an Hour (1913)
J M Barrie’s dark farce explores themes of love, fidelity and class within a world of strict social and moral assumptions.

‘Astrid’ from Eight (2008)
What does it take to make yourself visible to the person who thinks they know you inside out? Ella Hickson’s monologue, from her award-winning collection Eight, considers the motives that drive someone to infidelity, and whether the consequences are always what we expect.

Synaesthesia (2019)
Is a love that changes your mind about commitment strong enough to hear the whole truth? This raw new monologue from Bianca Butler Reynolds examines the moment in every relationship where we must choose to be the person we think can be loved, or the person we really are.

Photography by Liam Moushall