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Expand your students’ skills, understanding and confidence in the performing arts with friendly and skilled industry professionals from Minola Theatre.

With skills encompassing acting, directing, playwriting, producing and teaching, Bianca and Kat are warm, approachable artists with extensive professional training and industry experience. We believe in empowering young people through imaginative play, theatre and storytelling.

Accessing your archetypes

Life often relegates us to specific social roles, and this is rarely truer than in the school setting. Students might consider themselves academic or athletic, creative or scientific, mainstream or alternative. But human beings are complex creatures, capable of ‘performing’ as many different roles as there are social contexts. Accessing Your Archetypes empowers students to acknowledge different parts of their diverse personalities, and use these as a toolkit for creating varied and authentic characters for stage and screen. This workshop combines Bianca’s world-leading theoretical knowledge of Jungian archetypal psychology in the dramatic setting, and Kat’s extensive experience in facilitating embodied creativity.

Workshops can be tailored to suit the specific needs, scheduling and budget of your school.

Introduction to playwriting

We know a story when we read, watch or hear it, but how do we build one from scratch? Introduction to Playwriting digs into the details of narrative structure, with a particular focus on writing for performance. Who is a protagonist or antagonist? What is an inciting incident, and how does it propel us through rising action to a climax and resolution? What makes us care about a character’s journey? Building on her PhD in Playwriting and publication experience, Bianca will steer this session, offering insights into what makes a script work, both artistically and practically. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions, and pitch ideas for their own original plays.

Workshops can be tailored to suit the specific needs, scheduling and budget of your school.

Devising new work

One of the most valuable skills for emerging theatre makers is the ability to create an original production. This might involve writing, acting, directing, designing, singing, dancing, composing, drawing, filming, building, staging, marketing… The list goes on! Under the leadership of experienced director-producer Kat, students will experiment with fun, game-based methods for idea generation and consolidation. They will practise harnessing their own creative instincts and ideas through embodiment, sound and images, and discuss how these concepts can be expanded into producible works of theatre. Students will come away from Devising New Work with exciting new dramatic ideas and an expanded toolkit for bringing these ideas to life on stage.

Workshops can be tailored to suit the specific needs, scheduling and budget of your school.

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