For the community

In 2020, Minola Theatre collaborated with Richmond Fellowship Queensland, with the support of the Mental Health Week Expo, to run Empowered Storytelling workshops with community members with lived experience of mental illness. Our thanks to the participants featured in the above video!

Empowered storytelling

Empowered Storytelling is a short workshop series focused on community building, self confidence, and personal storytelling. 

Facilitated by the creative team behind Brisbane’s Minola Theatre, Empowered Storytellingsupports a small group of community members to find their own voice and explore stories of recovery and resilience through theatre games and storytelling activities.

Empowered Storytelling can be tailored to suit specific groups and needs. 

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Pondering plays

Pondering Plays is a play reading club for community groups. Designed for seniors in partnership with Communify and the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre, this workshop series can be tailored to the needs of unique community groups.

Come along for a fun, no-pressure conversation with local theatre makers, Minola Theatre. Join us to explore and chat about some of history’s best and most famous plays. Open to those who love theatre, those who know nothing about theatre, and everyone in between.

Contact us to chat about bringing Pondering Plays to your seniors or community group

Drama drinks

Part theatrical book club, part literary salon, part games night, part booze fest, entirely enjoyable.
Come cosy up with us in our own private bar as we dive deep into an influential playwright’s canon and career. We’ll discuss their life and influence, read extracts from their major works, play some themed games, and have a few laughs while the drinks keep flowing.
Drama Drinks is open to everyone, from those who can quote Shakespeare backwards to those who have never picked up a play script.

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In 2021-22, Minola Theatre partnered with the Big Anxiety Festival to help deliver The Big Reach Brisbane (highlights in the below video). Our appreciation to Arts Queensland, Brisbane City Council and the University of New South Wales for the funding support that enabled these outcomes.