A sceptic. A paranoiac. A criminal. A migrant. A hostage.  

BEGOTTEN is the 100-year history of a family, told through the eyes of five women. In Alice, Eileen, Clea, Hazel and Laoise, we see dignities lost and claimed, hearts shattered and mended, and the thread of feminine soul passed down through five generations. This powerful work by award-winning Brisbane playwright Bianca Butler Reynolds explores the changing role of women over time, the fight for female autonomy, the complexities of motherhood, and the echoes of the past that resonate in the present.

BEGOTTEN has been praised by past audiences as “spell binding”, “emotional”, “raw”, “heart touching”, and “beautiful and achingly sad”.

Presented at Wynnum Fringe Festival 

Written by Bianca Butler Reynolds

Featuring: Kristen Barros, Elizabeth Best, Abbie Bryant, Bianca Butler Reynolds, and Ellen Hardisty 

Content warning: This production contains adult themes, coarse language and references to domestic violence. 

5:30pm on 14th November, 2020 

Winston Church Hall, Wynnum

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BEGOTTEN was also presented as an audio drama in 2020, during the widespread shut downs of Australian theatre venues due to COVID-19. To listen to the drama in five parts, hosted by the That’s Not Canon network, head here. If you would like a copy of the full audio drama contact us at

BEGOTTEN was supported by the Anywhere Theatre Festival.