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Workshops for writers and performers.

Become conscious of your own multiplicity under the guidance of two experienced facilitators. Learn more about your diverse identities, and how to bring these to life on the page or stage.

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A sceptic. A paranoiac. A criminal. A migrant. A hostage.

An audio fiction in five chapters.

Begotten is the 100-year history of a family, told through the eyes of five women. In Alice, Eileen, Clea, Hazel and Laoise, we see dignities lost and claimed, hearts shattered and mended, and the thread of feminine soul passed down through five generations.

Written by Bianca Butler Reynolds, Directed by Kat Dekker

Begotten has been adapted into audio fiction format specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent closure of live theatres in Australia and beyond.

Available for listening on demand now.

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January 2020, Seven Hills Hub

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